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China mulls fossil fuel car ban, boosts electric vehicles更多>>
Vanke will try to increase sales by keeping prices flat while remaining conservative about land purchases. 2020-10-14
The yuan deposit rate almost doubled the rate of the South Korean won-denominated deposits offered by local banks. 2020-10-7
This way, a clearly layered and efficient medical service system will be set up, and the pressure on large hospitals will be relieved. 2020-10-8
First of all, its been UK car manufacturer investing in China. 2020-10-31
Charging facilities built by US electric car producer Tesla Motors Inc in Shanghai. 2020-10-28
Nerve, however, feels that the number of outdoor product users in China is still low, and companies need to focus more on creating market awareness and encouraging people to participate in more outdoor activities. 2020-10-3
Singapore Airlines will offer limited-edition panda plush toys this weekend to raise funds for children with special needs. 2020-10-27
In addition to the demographic factors, the presence of professional foreign nursing homes is only slowly helping to transform care from a family tradition into a business. 2020-10-16
Stepping back in time in Nanjing更多>>
That could change this year, Bisbe said. 2020-10-15
The Central Rural Work Conference proposed to uphold the national grain security strategy of mainly relying on domestic production, ensuring production capacity, importing grain in appropriate quantity and boosting agricultural scientific development. 2020-10-14
UNFPA is deeply concerned about this departure from international census standards, human rights principles and agreed procedures, the agency said. 2016-10-12
In addition, Apple introduced Watch OS2, for Apple Watch. 2016-12-25
Qingdao is also the birthplace of many renowned Chinese musicians including violinists Lyu Siqing and Li Chuanyun. 2019-6-10
The passenger carrying the methane was blocked by workers at the station before she released it into the air. 2018-11-4
I believe Formula E is a perfect platform for China Racing and our key partners to get involved in the future of motor sport. 2018-3-14
This creates difficulties for many ALS patients and their families, both physically and mentally, said Zhu Changqing, associate professor at Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, who herself has muscle deterioration. 2019-3-15
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd signed a contract with Airbus for customized flight hour services for its fleet of five A380s in April 2011.
26 percent to close at 3,158.
The cause of death is unknown.
It had won wide acclaim as an unrivaled example of Shi Lus construction scene-themed landscapes and his artistic view that one hand stretches out to tradition and the other to life.
Shi Zhiping, 64, has been a volunteer at the West Lake since his retirement in 2012.
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Over the weekend, TV and newspaper reports revealed that many people, including children, were allegedly sold to criminal gangs in Dongguan and intentionally injured, even disabled, by gang members to work as beggars in the streets of Dongguan.  Their goal is to enable Africa to realize sustainable development by improving infrastructure, modernizing agriculture, industrializing economies, and tackling the shortage of skills and inadequate funds.
In some ethnic groups in China, an umbrella is seen a token of love.  Meanwhile, the authorities arrested and accused 10,975 people found in 7,298 criminal cases for selling toxic and harmful food.
Chinese estate builder roots in Peru with quality, efficiency更多>>
On Friday afternoon, Zhang visited a greenhouse and tasted the fruit. 2017-1-12 
Chen Jianli / Xinhua A man in a wheelchair allegedly set off a homemade explosive device at Beijings Capital Airport on Saturday evening. 2017-4-2 
[Photo/Asianewsphoto] At a symposium held by the CPC Central Committee in Beijing, Xi said Mao, the principal founder of the CPC, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army and the Peoples Republic of China, was a great proletarian revolutionary, strategist and theorist. 2015-8-9 
In June 2015, the Macao SAR government signed an agreement with CNTA to set up the joint working committee to support Macao in building a world tourism and leisure center, which will convene a work meeting every year since 2016. 2015-3-1 
The crash killed one of the girls instantly, while another girl was run over by an ambulance. 2015-7-3 
Since Jan 1, a total of 74 major cities have been required to issue daily reports on air quality by adopting more extensive monitoring standards, such as the PM 2. 2019-11-28 
Zhang Yunbi and Chen Yingqun contributed to this story. 2018-11-31 
  US law firm sees Chinese M&A abroad rebounding on B&R更多>>
Yang said that since September, the Chinese military had sent some 300 medical personnel and specialists to Sierra Leone and Liberia in eastern Africa to help control the epidemic. 2015-5-4 
A beautiful beach in Pingtan county. 2019-1-24 
Chen Lizhong has many duties as the director of the administrative committee that runs a development zone, but there is one daily task that he always finds time for-monitoring the water quality of the river that goes through the site. 2018-7-30 
Any detail in protecting children reflects the attitude of the country toward youngsters, but no major improvement has been witnessed over the years. 2017-12-28 
He lamented the disappearance of red sorghum, the crop that inspired the award-winning film Red Sorghum based on one of his best-known novels, in his hometown. 2019-4-7 
We want to thank both Presidents Trump and Xi for their support and leadership, he said. 2017-12-29 
Faced with a high-density population and natural resource constraints, China has already begun to move away from extensive management methods characterized by large output goals and relying on high resource consumption towards improving its competitiveness, promoting technological innovation in agriculture, and seeking more sustainable solutions. 2017-4-24 
Kuznetsova edges Peng Shuai to reach last 32更多>>
He accused US lawmakers of cheerleading the NSA instead of holding them to account. 2016-12-18 
68 yuan per share; Ping An Bank surged 4. 2018-4-4 
The belt is what binds us all, and the road is where we must walk, Rifai said. 2016-9-9 
Most of the foreigners are attracted and fascinated by the Chinese culture, said the Chinese-language newspaper. 2018-7-30 
An H7N9 risk map has been developed showing where human infections - so far caused mainly by contact with birds and not through human-to-human transmission - might occur next. 2019-8-8 
People take part in the annual No Pants Subway Ride in Shanghai January 13, 2013. 2017-6-22 
The United States designated the DPRK with different ideology and system as its enemy from the very first day of its foundation and has been refusing to recognize its sovereignty and imposing all sorts of sanctions, pressures and military threats on the DPRK for more than half a century, he said. 2017-6-2 
6-magnitude earthquake jolted Minxian and Zhangxian counties in Northwest Chinas Gansu province, July 24, 2013. 2016-11-6 
  Sky Marathon afoot in Shanghai更多>>
Fearing they will be driven from the market, dairy enterprises of various sizes have scrambled to secure supplies from farms throughout China, especially in the major milk-producing regions of Hebei, Heilongjiang and Liaoning provinces, and the Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Hui autonomous regions. 2019-10-4 
Li Xiangqian, director of the universitys admission office, said that 10 to 15 percent of freshmen will be re-examined randomly in the new semester, in an effort to guarantee recruitment transparency and fairness. 2015-2-28 
Thai vote goes smoothly; protesters regroupingThaiprotesterstoscalebackBangkokgatherings. 2015-9-25 
If I do not respond to any question on that topic today, I will do so before (the US visit scheduled next month), he added. 2018-6-2 
Xu Qin (second from left) makes a trip with the mentally impaired youngsters of Wanwan Care Center. 2017-2-8 
If you intend to save money, it would be better for you to stay at home rather than participating in a tour group. 2016-12-13 
The new signage will echo the palaces interior. 2015-3-11 
Jin said the British decision is very emotional and the country should not leap into somewhere unknown. 2017-1-25 
The journey of Pierre更多
Night markets brighten up southern Xinjiang更多
  As with his Davos speech in January, he was making clear his and Chinas commitment to globalization in marked contrast to the lurch to protectionism in the West. The center also predicted the traffic flow will improve on the last day of the New Year holiday, but traffic jam is still unlikely due to relatively weak traveling needs this holiday. Liu Guanguan / for China DailyThe trial followed Tuesdays court proceedings against Nans predecessor, Xie Yalong, on similar charges. ” He expects the current monetary and fiscal policy to remain in place to support growth. They escorted the carrier along the whole voyage from Qingdao to Sanya.
  The ten new measures meted out this week by the General Logistics Department of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, instruct personnel to develop civilized and frugal diet habits, and make better use of leftovers and food materials. The school, which is located in Xian, the provincial capital, was established in 1934 and is the oldest local Party school of the Communist Party of China. 63 baht (,419) per person on each trip. From Nov 19 to Dec 31, 353 suggestions were collected from the Internet in fields such as economics, city planning and construction, education and culture, food safety, transportation and the environment.